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6 June 2004

6 June 2004

We must do everything to insure they never return. The old will die, and the young will forget.

-- Israeli Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion, on the Palestinian refugees, 1948.

Top - Palestinian refugees separated from their home by the Green Line, 1948. (UNRWA photograph)

Centre - May 14, 2004. Palestinian refugee Hasna al-Jardat displays deeds to her land in the Safad area (now in northern Israel), issued by Palestinian authorities in 1946. Jardat fled to Syria in 1948, the year Israel was created. More than 350,000 Palestinian refugees live in Syria. (REUTERS/ Khaled al-Hariri)

Bottom - A Palestinian girl in the Jabalia refugee camp waves the national flag from the window of her home during a demonstration in support of Rafah residents, 21 May 2004.(AFP/Mohammed Abed)