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I am a British-American living in the Washington D.C. area. I was born here, grew up here, and went to school here, or more specifically here, where I studied this. Always one to follow the herd, I specialised in this and its influence on the development of this, which meant I spent a lot of my time here , and studied under inspiring people like this, this and this.

I subsequently spent ten years working as a translator and intelligence analyst here, where I developed both a professional interest in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and a cynical view of the workings of international diplomacy. I met my better half – also a linguist - while we were both stationed here.

I have also worked here, but I never mention this.

I gave up paid employment to be a full-time parent, but retained my interest in international relations, especially the Middle East. Over the years, and especially since this was inflicted upon us, I have come to understand the Israel-Palestine conflict not as an academic interest but a human tragedy and a national disgrace, which will not be resolved until we as individuals demand that our governments practice in their foreign policy the same values that they preach to others, and until we want for everyone else’s children all that we want for our own: a transformation in attitude which I attribute to the arrival of this and this.