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15 May 2004



Thanks for this. It was very helpful for me in a response on a pro-Israeli/anti Palestinian blog. Visiting these sites and responding is like standing up and saying, shoot me but it has to be done, in a nice way of course.

L of C

Dianne – I’m glad you found it useful. There are a few words that carry so much baggage at the moment that I'm convinced they should never be used carelessly – I would include any variant of “terror”, and “crusade” would be another. (On the Arabic side, I would also ban “jihad” and “great Satan”, which carry all sorts of connotations for the English listener that the speaker probably doesn’t intend).

Good luck with getting the Palestinian viewpoint across – I hope you're thick-skinned! You might get a lot of flak from commenters on pro-Israeli blogs, and you might never convert them, but I always remind myself that most people who visit blogs don’t go to join the argument, but to read. You never know how many lurkers might just be hearing the other side of the story for the first time when you raise your voice to dissent in a pro-Israel crowd.

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