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18 June 2004



So when the dog is put to sleep in a couple of days and Yossi Sarid is once again proven completely wrong, I assume you'll post a retraction? (so peole looking back at your archives don't get the wrong idea about Israel)


Yossi Sarid wants the dog destroyed and not used as a guard dog, that is why he is taking it to court. If the court does rule that the dog should be destroyed, rather than used in the Palestinian Territories, there is no sense in which that would prove Sarid “wrong”. Your comment does not make sense.

Do not troll in the comments section of posts about which you have nothing to say.


Yossi Sarid is wrong in stating that that Shin Bet decided to adopt the dog. They didn't. I'd post Hebrew links, but you don't appear to read Hebrew, so...


And I don't troll. I comment on articles where I think you're dead wrong. If you don't want me to post, say so.


This is ridiculous. The dog is going to be a guard dog for shin bet, or the court will have him destroyed. Period. I'm not going to parse the meaning of adopted by shin bet.

I don't troll on your blog, don't come here posting your ridiculous comments on mine. And yes, you do troll. Here and elsewhere. But at least not here anymore.


I'd post Hebrew links, but you don't appear to read Hebrew, so...

I do read Hebrew so link it up if you got it.


So I guess we're not going to see those links?

תודה רבה, החייל הקטן שלי.

ג'ף, אתה טמבל.

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